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Prisoners Of War


This group includes Prisoners of war, those decorated, and those who served and survived, this list is limited to those whose names appeared in the local papers, our gratitude must go to all who served in the war. Many hundreds will not have appeared in the local press, if anyone would like to add the names of relatives who served please get in touch with any member of Shotts History Group and these will be added to this tribute.



Image24Marine Andrew BELL Royal Marines

Andrew was reported to be a prisoner of war in the hands
of theItalians in P.o.W. camp P.G. 70A according to a report
in the Wishaw Press dated 6th of November 1942, later he
was transferred to Germany.
He was the son of Mr and Mrs David Bell 148 Shotts Kirk Road, and
was employed by D. Bell and Sons purveyors Limited.



Image25L/Cpl. Alex BRADLEY Royal Engineers (Airborne Division)
Alex was reported missing at Arnhem in September 1944.
He resided at Burnbank Gardens, Glasgow, and had previously
been resident in Shotts.


Image26Pte. James BROWN Malay States Volunteers

James was captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore in 1942. He had been in the Far East for eight years as a dredge master in the mines. He was the son of Mr and Mrs David Brown, 3 Hawthorn Place Allanton.


Pte. Thomas CAMPBELL Army

Thomas was captured by the Germans at Dunkirk, at the end of

May 1940, and was interred in Stalag VIII B/E 28, prisoner of war camp.

He was previously listed as killed in action. Thomas was the son of Mr and Mrs Alex C. Campbell of 10 Bon Accord Crescent, Shotts.


Richard CLYDE

Richard was reported to be a prisoner in the Shotts column in the Wishaw

Press dated 6th of September 1940, almost certainly captured by the Germans in Belgium or France, he resided at Bridgend. No other details given.




Pte. Robert DEMPSTER Army

Robert was reported to be a prisoner of war in the Wishaw Press dated

4th of October 1940. Almost certainly captured by the Germans in Belgium

or France. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Martin Dempster, 151 Rosehall Road.


Pte. John DOOLAN Gordon Highlanders

John was captured at St Valery, France on 12th June 1940, when one of

The finest British Divisions the 51st Highland, was sacrificed to buy time
for others to be evacuated. John like thousands of others was to endure a long imprisonment.
Before enlistment he resided at 186 Torbothie Road, Shotts.



Craftsman James FERGUSON Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

James was captured by the Japanese when Singapore surrendered on 15th

of February 1942. The news of his release was received by his parents

Mr and Mrs John Ferguson, Craig Inn, Blackridge, formerly of Allanton.



L/Cpl. Robert FRAME Army

Robert was reported missing from May 1940, later news confirmed him as

having been wounded in the hip and being treated in a Dutch Hospital,

having been captured when wounded. No other details given.





F/Sgt. Robert GILLESPIE Royal Air Force 51 Squadron

Robert baled out of his aircraft over enemy territory on 27th of April 1944.

The official report is as follows –

F/Sgt Gillespie’s Halifax Bomber Mk.III. LW479 MH – E. took off from Snaith

Airfield at 2349 hours on a bombing operation target Montzen, the Halifax was hit by fire from an enemy night fighter and blew up in the vicinity of Maastricht. Four of the crew died, the other three being captured, those killed are buried in Maastricht General cemetery. F/Sgt. Gillespie was very severely wounded as he was ejected out of the aircraft.

Robert arrived home on Tuesday night the 17th of April 1945, much to the surprise of his family by stepping off a coal lorry he had boarded at Newmains. During his captivity Robert had helped to keep up the spirits of the other lads who were prisoners in Germany, when asked about this he said – ” I had to keep up the auld Scotch custom by keeping up the boy’s spirits”. Robert was full of praise for the work of the Red Cross, he said – “we would never have survived on the German rations had it not been for the Red Cross Parcels”. He was on his second tour of operations when he baled out over Germany. He was liberated on 8th of April 1945 by the 3rd American Army. Two months before his release he had seen Shotts lad Robert McSeveny.



Joseph was repatriated home from a Prisoner of War Camp according to the Wishaw Press, dated 15th of October 1943. He resided in Springhill Buildings.



John HANNAH Army

John was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1940, released in 1945.

He was invited to light one of the Victory bonfires at Dykhead.

John resided at Shotts Kirk Road, Shotts.



Pte. T. HASTIE Paratroopers

Pte. Hastie was captured in North Africa, Probably late 1942,

by the Italians.



Pte. Ian HOOD Royal Army Medical Corp

Ian was reported to be missing in the Wishaw Press dated 26th of July

  1. He resided at Windsor Place, Dykehead. No other details given.





Gilbert IRELAND Army
Gilbert was captured at St Valery on 12th of June 1940, he was most likely
Part of the 51st Highland Division. Like Robert Gillespie he also arrived
Home on Tuesday night 17th of April 1945, whether he was on the same lorry as Robert is not known!
Gilbert resided at 19 Torbothie Road, Shotts.



Cpl. Robert KENNEDY Army

Robert was first reported missing, but later confirmed to be have been taken prisoner.



Pte. John KING Army

John was reported to be a prisoner of war in the Wishaw Press, dated 20th

of September 1940, it is likely he was captured by the Germans during their

push to the Channel Ports. John resided at Easter Road, Shotts, no other details given.




Pte. Mathew LOUDEN Seaforth Highlanders

Mathew was taken prisoner in 1940, quite possibly at St Valery.
He was the son of Thomas Louden 54 Springhill Buildings, Shotts.


Pte. Peter McAULEY Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Peter was reported missing in December 1941, while in action in Malaya,

But 18 months later his parents received news he was a prisoner of the Japanese.

He volunteered for the Argylls early in the war, and had spent his 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th birthdays in captivity. He was well-known in Allanton and the surrounding district. Peter was formerly a drummer in Dykehead Amateur Flute Band, and was a member of the Argylls Pipe Band. He was the son of Mr and Mrs William McAuley, 16 Kingshill Road, Allanton.



S/Sgt. James McDONALD Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

James joined the army in 1935, and was training native troops in Malaya
when Singapore fell and he was taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Sgt McDonald’s father had been a Pipe major in the Argyll’s, and veteran of the First World War. James was the son of Mr and Mrs David McDonald, 26 Hawthorn Place, Allanton.




Rifleman William McDOWALL Cameronians

William was captured by the Japanese at Yennan Yang on April 19th

He had joined the Cameronians in 1936, and was posted to India in 1937.
Like all Japanese prisoners he had endured many hardships.
William was liberated by the 14th British Army at Pegu, Burma.




Pte H. McGUIRE Army

Pte. McGuire was reported to be a prisoner of war in the Wishaw Press
dated 20th of September 1940, almost certainly captured by the Germans
during their push to the Channel Ports. He resided at Hawthorne Drive, Shotts, no other details given.



Pte. Bernard McLAUGHLIN Black Watch

Bernard was reported missing on 16th of June 1940, the family were
officially notified he was a prisoner of the Germans in September 1940.
He later wrote on a page torn from a pocket diary that he was all right and safe and not to worry.
Bernard was the son of Mr and Mrs Hugh McLaughlin, of 22 Wilson Road, Allanton.



Sgt. Robert MUIR Paratroopers

Robert was captured by the Italians in North Africa, probably in 1942.



CSM. William MURPHY Gordon Highlanders

William was a prisoner of war in Germany and was captured sometime
before 21st of April 1944. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Murphy, 129 Main Street, Stane, Shotts.



Cpl. Archie NEIL Army

Archie resided at Bon Accord Crescent Shotts, and was reported as home
from his imprisonment in the Wishaw Press dated 18th of May 1945, no other details were given.





Pte. John RAE Army

John was reported to be a Prisoner of War in the Wishaw Press dated 6th of
September 1940, almost certainly captured by the Germans during their push to Dunkirk.
He resided at Shotts Kirk Road.


James ROY Royal Air Force

James was captured in 1942 by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore.

It was to be two years, eight months before his parents were informed that he was a prisoner. James was the son of Mr and Mrs R. Roy, 129 Shotts Kirk Road, Dykehead. Prior to joining the Services he was employed as a grocer with the Co – Operative

Society at Stane, and was well known in musical circles as a pianist in the Regal Band. James wrote a poem about his fellow prisoners who died while in Japanese hands; the poem is included in this tribute.





The following verses were written by James Roy, 129 Shottskirk Road, Shotts, while he was for Three and a half years, a prisoner of war in Japanese hands:-


We leave them here behind,

While we go on to reach the goal

That we all sought to win.

They were not destined to struggle on.


Thro’ all this misery and pain,

They were called away,

To serve some wondrous purpose

Far beyond our worldly gain.


We leave behind in endless peace,

Those forms in which their souls were bound

That now have reached a freedom

Far more free than we have found;


We won the end we sought to gain,
But they were taken forth to win
A higher and more lasting plane,
We leave them here, in hallowed place
To rest in foreign earthy bed

But why these bare futile regrets?
And why those tears loved ones shed?
They are but gone to serve
In some unknown immortal way;
They meet in far – off glory
And we’ll meet on Judgement Day.

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