For everyone with an interest in the town, people and parish of Shotts

Mort Cloth records extracts from 1753 to 1816

 Dated March 7 1755

List of landowners &/or contributors to Kirk funds

John CUNNINGHAM Portioner at Stane
his rents and tenants, £1. 11/- 6d
Ditto for the lands of Darngavel & tenants 18/- 5d
James STEEL Portioner of Stane
David RUSSEL Portioner @ Stane
Alex BROWNLIE Auchterbridgend
Alexander BAILLIE of Bailliesmuir
John LOCKHART of Castlehill
William STORRY Badallon
James WADDLE of Leadloch
James Prentice Portioner at Stane
Robert RUSSEL Portioner of Daviesdyke
Thomas STEEL of Summerside
Heirs of Robert KEDDER Portioner of Daviesdykes

Mort Cloth records extracts from 

1753 to 1771


Dec 23. Received for the Best Mort cloth to

Barbara HAMILTON in the Paroch of Dalserf.


Jan 6. for the best mort cloth to Margaret HODGE

daughter to James HODGE in Hungry Hill.

for ditto Janet LANG

Jan 13. for the best mort cloth to Agnes CULLEN in

the Paroch of Bothwell.

Feb 24. Received for the best mort cloth to

John DAVIDSON at Tarbrax

Mar 17. For the same to Janet AITKEN in the

Paroch of Dalserf.

For the plush mort cloth to Margaret HUTCHIESON

in the Paroch of Bothwell.

Mar 24 for the children mort cloth to Anna STEWART.

Daniel STEWART daughter.

Mar 31. for the best mort cloth to Mary BELL in

the Paroch of Dalserf.

Apr 21. for ditto to Cicilia WALKER in the Paroch of Bothwell.

June 9. for the plush mort cloth to James BELL in

the Paroch of Dalserf

  1. for ditto to Mary SELKIRK at Tarbrax.
  2. for the best mort cloth to Mary GRAY spouse to

James BELL of Auchterhead

Aug 4. for ditto to James PRENTICE Portioner of Stane.

Aug 11. Received for the plush mort cloth to

Elisabeth GLASFORD

Sept 15. for the plush mort cloth to Anna RENWICK

daughter to James RENWICK at the old church.

  1. for the best mort cloth to Thomas BELL in Southdykes.

Nov 24. for the plush mort cloth to John BAIRD Snr.

in Knownoble Paroch of Shots.

Dec 15. for the best mort cloth to David CALDERHEAD

in the Paroch of Carluke


Feb ? for the best mort cloth Mr Baldy HAMILTON son

to William HAMILTON of Wishaw Esq.

Feb 23. for the best to Agnes POLLOCK in the

Paroch of Dalziel

Mar 2. for the plush to James HAMILTON in Evertoun.

Apr 6 for the best mort cloth to Jean SMELLIE

for ditto to Mrs FRASER in Cambusnethan.

for ditto to John DAVIDSON.

June 29 for the plush mort cloth to John BROWNLIE

July 27 best to Margaret SMITH relict of James WALKER

in Garrion

Aug 5. for the plush mort cloth to William RODGER at Symington.

  1. for the best mort cloth to Charlotte HASTY daughter

to Archibald HASTY in the Paroch of Bothwell.

  1. for the children to Jean BELL, daughter to

Robert BELL in Kirkhill.

Sept 14. for the ditto to Helen CLELAND child in

Shots Paroch.

  1. for the ditto to William WISEMAN child in the

Paroch of Bothwell.

  1. for the plush mort cloth to William MARTIN

in Evertoun.

Oct 5 for the best mort cloth to Marion LINDSAY


Dec 14. for the best mort cloth to John HAMILTON in

Neithertoun of Cambusnethan.




Feb 15 best to John CUNNINGHAM Portioner of

Stane & Darngavel

Mar 14 for ditto to John FORREST of Muiriestonmill

paroch of Shots

for ditto to Alexander LAW Neitherton of Cam’nethan

  1. for ditto to Janet PATERSON in EVERTOUN.

Apr 11 best to Robert RUSSEL Portioner Daviesdykes.

May 2. for the plush mort cloth to James ?acket (H)

in Law of Maul ? in the Paroch of Carluke.

for the children mort cloth to James STEWART of

Allanton Esq. his child.

  1. for the best mort cloth to Cicilia CALDERHEAD
  2. received for the best mort cloth to Agnes HOOD only.

June 27. received for the best mort cloth to

Margaret KING at Neithertoun.

July 22. for the plush mort cloth to Alexander ALLAN

at Evertoun.


Sept 5 for ditto to James CLELAND at Knownoble in the

Paroch of Shots.

Sept 19 for the best mort cloth to Jean SELKRIG

Oct 31 for the best to Mary BELL spouse to

Robert RUSSEL at Auchterhead.

Nov 17. James GRAY in the Paroch of Shots plush mort cloth.

Marrion DAVIDSON at Garrion miln the best mort cloth.

Dec 12. Helen BALFOUR at Allanton the plush mort cloth.

Dec 19 for the best mort cloth to William SMELLIE in Evertoun



Jan 19. for the plush mort cloth to Janet SCOT

spouse to Gavin FLEMING in Evertoun.

  1. for the plush mort cloth to


for ditto to Robert CLYDE at Flemington.

Feb 2. for the plush mort cloth to Janet KEDDER in

the Shots Paroch.

Mar 27 for the ditto to Helen CASSELS in Pather.

for best mort cloth to John PETTIGREW in Carluke Paroch

for the plush mort cloth to Christian NESBIT in Shots Paroch.

Apr 3. for ditto to Robert BRUCE in this Paroch.

  1. for the best mort cloth to Jean HAMILTON, spouse to

William PETERSON at Wishaw.

for the plush mort cloth to Isobel BELL in Watston.

May 15. for the best mort cloth to ? Morton at Crindledyke

June 19. for the best mort cloth to James BELL of

Auchterhea26. for ditto to William NEILSON at Carfin

byres in the Paroch of Dalziel.

July 17. for ditto to Margaret DOWNIE in ? Tor vart bush>

Sept 25. for the best mort cloth to

Alexander MARSHALL Neitherton

Oct 9. for ditto to Miss Catherine SINCLAIR at ? Daldowie.

Dec 18 best to Alexander BAILLIE of Bailliesmuir


Oct 29 for the plush mort cloth to Helen GILMOUR

spouse to William BROWNLIE Par of Shotts


March 11 for the best mort cloth to

Elisabeth WALKER spouse to John LAURIE Shotts

Apr 15 for the best mort cloth to Anne WADDLE

in Motherwell of Hamilton

Oct 21 Robert DALZIEL Wester Redmyre


Jan 23 Catherine SELKIRK spouse to Thomas SMELLIE

May 4 best to Margaret STEVEN relict of deceased


May 4 Betty SMELLIE in Motherwell of Hamilton

June 1 best to MAIR or MAIN Bailliesmuir

Aug 10 Thomas BROWNLIE at Harecraig

July 10 James RENWICK at the old Church of Cambusnethan

Aug 31 best to Andrew LINDSAY tenant Watterston

Nov 2 best to Catherine SMEELLIE in Law

Nov 2 best to Marion DAVIDSON spouse to James SELKIRK



Feb 8 best to Jean SOMERVAIL Daviesdykes

Feb 8 best to Anna MORTON Knownoble

April 19 Margaret CLELAND spouse to ??? FLEMING

Nov 29 Marion RENWICK spouse to James LOWDEN


March 28 Janet WADDLE sp to James BROWNLIE deceased

June 27 Marrion BROWNLIE sp of John DOWNIE Croftfoot

Oct 17. for the best mort cloth to John BROWNLIE son

of Alexander BROWNLIE, Auchterbridgend.


May 22 best to John PETTIGREW Kingshill

Sept 11 best to Mrs STEEL Pather



Jan 19 best to Thomas PETTIGREW @ Bentyhillocks ??

May 6 best to Janet EASTON relict of

Robert RUSSEL Portioner Daviesdykes

July 29 Robert RUSSELL at Auchterhead



June 16 best Janet STEEL spouse to

Robert GRAY @ Darngavel


April 13 Janet WALKER spouse to Gavin PETTIGREW Carluke

May 11 best to Janet PETTIGREW sp to

William STEWART Wester Tarbrax



May 17 best to Thomas PETTIGREW Kingshill

Sept 6 Rec from Wm SMELLIE in Overtoun payment for the

plush mortcloth that was owing since 6th July 1766 for

Robert CUNNINGHAM, son of Joseph CUNNINGHAM of Lockhill


Apr 10. for the plush to Christian TURNER relict of

Thomas PETTIGREW in Kingshill

June 12 best to Thomas RUSSEL of Daviesdykes


Feb 3 Janet RUSSELL relict of

Alexander BROWNLIE at Bowhouse Bog Shotts

Feb 20 John PETTIGREW Kingshill

Apr 30 best to Janet HARESHAW sp to J

ohn FORREST Hungryhill

Nov 5 plush to James STEEL at Hartwood Shotts


April 15 for the new velvet mortcloth to

Margaret KEDDER relict of John STEEL of Summerside


May 5 for the new velvet mortcloth to

David STEEL at Summerside

Monthly Subscriptors Included;

Jean Waddell 3/-

Janet Waddell 3/-

Velvet or best 8/-

Plush or 2nd 5/-

Child 2/-


June 5th Little m/c for James Hamilton

June 30th best for Janet Brownlie


April 14th best for Robert BAILLIE of Baillie Muir

May 12th best Jean NIMMO Baillie Muir


July 27th best Janet MORTON Crindledyke

Oct 26th best Katherine PETTIGREW

Nov 2nd best Janet STEEL Spouse to

James BROWNLEE In Morningside


Feb 3rd Best John CUNNINGHAM Portioner of Stane

May 8th best Marion CLELAND


Jan 24th best for Isobel STEEL spouse to James Young

Nov 8th best John BROWNLIE, Dalserf


Sept 17th best John INGLIS Auchterhead

July 2nd second for Elisabeth BROWNLIE


Jan 7th Mary BAILLIE Bogside

March 17th Child John BLACK

Sept 29th best Helen PETTIGREW Hareshaw

Sept 29th best Thomas CLELAND


Feb 2nd Rec’d for best to John STEEL at Meikle Hareshaw

Feb 16 Janet SMELLIE relict of John FORREST

June 5th 2nd to Ann BROWNLIE at Wishawhill

June 22nd Betty BROWNLIE Dau to Wm BROWNLIE


Jan 11th child to Mary CUNNINGHAM Dau to

James at Netherton

Feb 1st best Christian BROWNLIE Spouse To

William STEEL at Wishawtown

Feb 1st Marion DOWNIE spouse to

Alexander WADDELL at Brow

June 29th best Margaret STEEL Stane

July 5th John PETTIGREW Hynshaw

Aug 7th John BUCHANAN Knownoble

Oct 23rd William BROWNLIE


July 2nd John LAW Overtown

July 16th Janet RUSSEL Greenhead

Nov 19th William STEEL merchant in Glasgow


June 6th best Grisel MORTON spouse to

Thomas CLELAND Wishawtown


Aug 28th to Mary LAW relict of BAILLIE of Baillie Muir


Oct 28th best William DALZIEL Langbyres Shotts

Oct 28th 2ns William LAW

Nov 18th 2nd Janet REID


Jan 13th Elisabeth BAILLIE

Jan 20th Mary BAILLIE

Jan 20th Janet BAILLIE

Mar 10th Catherine WADDELL

Apr 14th Jean LAW

May 25th William KING’s wife

Sept 20th Mary STEEL Wishawtown

Nov 8th James BAILLIE’s child


Aug 16th Thomas STEEL’s daughter


July 10th Ann CLELAND Knownoble

July 3rd James PETTIGREW in Hungryhill

Aug 14 Elisabeth PETTIGREW relict of

William PETTIGREW in Muirmailen


Dec 10th best Jean STEEL at Summerside


Feb best Thomas CLELAND

Aug 19th best William LINDSAY Greenhead

Dec 16th 2nd Margaret LAW

Dec 16th Agnes LAW


Oct 6th John CLELAND’s wife


May 11th Christian PETTIGREW


May 3 best to Thomas SMELLIE, Stane

May 29 best Alex INGLIS, his son

Aug 9, for the best to Mary CLELAND, relict of

Mr Wm GIBB Late schoolmaster of this parish

Aug 23 best Agnes BROWNLIE

Oct 18 best to Mary WADDLE Cam’nethan


Jan 13 Best to John WALLACE, son of John WALLACE

at Lanimoor?

” ” best to Agnes WALLACE Dau to the above

Jan 17 Mary WALKER Dau to above

Feb 7 Isobel LOWDON

April 11 best to Alex PATERSON

April 11 2nd Jean FORREST Newarthill

May 2 best John FORREST Jnr Murdoustonmill

Helen Brown

Oct 24 best to Elisabeth INGLIS

Oct 31 2nd to Jean CLADER Daviesdykes


April 3 best Robert MARSHAL son at Gare

Aug 28 Wm LAW Overtoun

Dec 4 2nd John BROWNLIE Overtoun


March 25 2nd Jean YOUNG

April 29 best Gavin YOUNG lately farmer at Greenhead

Dec 23 2nd James FRAME

Dec 23 best to George BROWNLIE


Feb 3 best to George BROWNLIE Jnr

Feb 3 best to Agnes BROWNLIE

May 26 2nd Robert FLEMING’s Son


Feb 16 for the best to Mrs STEEL of Summerside

May 18 best to John FRAME Summerside

June 15 2nd Mary CUNNINGHAM

July 27 2nd Marion SOMERVILLE


Jan 11 best Wm SMELLIE Wishawtoun

Jan 18 2nd Elisabeth BAILLIE

March 1 best Margaret WALKER Whitburn

March 15 best Lillias STORRY Blackhall

Mar 15 2nd Mary WADDLE

May 24 Margaret PETTIGREW Shotts

June 7 2nd Wm RUSSEL from Carluke

June 7 best David DOWNIE

Aug 10 Poors Margaret SOMMERVILLE

Nov 8 best John FORREST Murdostounmill

Nov 15 John LAING’s Dau Redmyre

Nov 15 Ann HAMILTON Woodhead

Nov 15 Catherine PETTIGREW Shotts

Nov 22 Janet HAMILTON


Feb 7 best Mary GOURLIE Thornhill

March 6 2nd John REID Wishawtown

March 20 best Janet McGHIE Shotts

May 1 best Catherine BROWNLIE Springhill

May 1 2nd Jean INGLIS

May 29 Janet LAW Hillhead

July 3 3rd Christian PETTIGREW

Aug 14 2nd Janet BROWNLEE

Aug 20 2nd Jean REID Wishawtown


Feb 26 best George BROWNLIE’S Wife

May 14 2nd Agnes MARSHALL

Dec 17 2nd John STEWART Dalserf


Jan 7 2nd Arch FORREST Newarthill

Jan 7 2nd John BROWNLEE’S Daughter

Jan 14 2nd Agnes MARSHALL

Feb 4 2nd Margt SMELLIE

Feb 18 best Thos NISBET’S wife

Feb 18 Robert GRAY Springhill

Apr 1 best Wm BROWNLEE’S Mother

June 23 best Margt FORREST

Oct 28 Wm SMELLIE Overtoun


Jan 13 best Alex SMELLIE

Jan 20 2nd Gavin PETTIGREW

Feb 24 2nd Thos STEEL Shotts

Apr 21 Alex BROWNLEE Bridgend

Apr 28 for the little best to Gavin PETTIGREW’S Child

Oct 13 2nd Robert CUNNINGHAM’S Wife

Oct 13 2nd Barbara LOWDEN

Nov 17 for the little to Jas BROWNLIE’S 3 Children

Nov 24 for the little Jas GARDNER’S child

Dec 1 2nd Wm SUMMERVILLE Stewarton

Dec 8 2nd Wm LINDSAY

Dec 22 2nd Alex INGLIS Stane

Dec 22 2nd Mary LINDSAY Greenhead

Dec 22 Janet SUMMERVILLE’S child


Feb 2 best Margt SMILLIE Bentyhillock

Feb 16 2nd Margaret BAILLIE

Mar 29 best Barbara LOUDEN

Apr 12 for the little Thomas STEEL’S child

Sept 27 for the little John SMILLIE’S son

Oct 25 2nd Janet MARSHALL

Oct 25 2nd Jean BROWNLEE



Jan 24 Christian HAMILTON

Jan 24 Helen INGLIS

Sept 12 John SMELLIE’S wife



Jan 29 2nd William STEEL

Mar 13 John SMELLIE Brownhill

Mar 13 William LINDSAY’S Dau

Mar 27 Margaret LINDSAY

Sept 25 2nd John WARDROPE Meadowhead


Jan 1 2nd Wm PETTIGREW from Glasgow

Jan 1 Cecilia WALKER Windyedge

Jan 28 best Wm WALKER Wishawtown

June 4 best to John STEEL of Summerside

July 2 Jas BROWNLEE of Daviesdykes


Feb 18 best John CUNNINGHAM Stane

Feb 25 b Margt Gardner relict of John BURNS

Back cover of book

James 1765

?? 1777

Dau Margaret BROWNLIE 1802

Marion LINDSAY wife of James

Archie their son

Marion their Dau

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