For everyone with an interest in the town, people and parish of Shotts

Burial Records (Pauper)

Unmarked Graves or Pauper Burials
In this section, the list is of unmarked graves or referred to as pauper burials.
These were burials where the family could not pay the full burial fees, headstones etc
Some were part paid by others.

The location of these graves is now the turning area in the
East entrance from Canthill Road

The following records are in the order of the book copied from the original records.
There are many discrepancies in the recording, i.e. date of funeral,
depth of placement in the grave etc.

On doing a bit of arranging by number of lair, it seems
there was no set order of who went where, in fact the
depths do not correspond either. 
For example, if you want to check lair 378 you will see what I mean.
This is a large file 259 entries and the page will take a few moments to open.

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