For everyone with an interest in the town, people and parish of Shotts

Shotts Miner’s Welfare Institute

In 1921, as a result or the findings of the miners’ welfare commission,
a progressive scheme to benefit the mining communities was proposed.
Substantial grants were to be made available for social welfare projects.
These were to be organised ay local level.
Shotts and District welfare Committee was established in order to
co-ordinate plans for the scheme and to administer the Central Welfare
Grant of £26,000. Under the chairmanship of Mathew Brown, Managing
Director of Shotts Iron Company, the committee members, most of whom
were local miners, decided that the money could best be spent by providing
a center that all Shotts people could enjoy.


By April 1923 plans for the Institute were well advanced. Contractors
were appointed for the new building designed by Mr. John Steel, FRIBA,
from Wishaw, and work started on the site in Dyfrig Street. Built of brick
and roughcast with the exterior decoration of smooth bands of cement,
the building had an imposing appearance. It cost over £11,000, of which
£9,000 was met was met from the grant and approximately £2,000
was raised locally.

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