For everyone with an interest in the town, people and parish of Shotts

Men of Moss Hags

  The seeds had already been sown in 1630, 
 when a great religious revival at Kirk o’ Shotts 
 and swept the western counties. John Livingston, 
 one of the best preachers of that time, had spoken 
 with great power at Kirk o’ Shotts on Communion 
 Sunday. So much so that he was invited to preach 
 again on the Monday morning. He agreed, on the 
 condition that his petitioners would spend the night 
 praying that the World be blessed. But when he 
 awoke on the Monday morning he was so overwhelmed 
 with the sense of his incompetence that he attempted 
 to run away. Friends found him on the Great Road, 
 three miles from the Kirk. 
They compelled him to return, and he went 
 back to speak so compellingly that 
 some five hundred persons saw the errors of 
 their ways and started a new life.

In Covenanting times our forefathers
 met secretly and often on our moors. 
 Our area abounds in Covenanting 
 place-names,Kirk o’ Shotts and Fortissat, 
 Starryshaw and Peden’s Stane, Darmede 
 and Durie Kirk, where men were hunted 
 like hares frae their hames tae 
 the hills. Several of our forefathers 
 fought at the Pentland Rising, at Drumclog, 
 and at Bothwell Bridge, reminding us of 
 Anderson’s poem:

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