For everyone with an interest in the town, people and parish of Shotts

Janis P Steel

When l think about Janis, my heart overflows… with memories of her as a child,
Memories of how she looked when she laughed, how her eyes crinkled up when she smiled.
she was such a delightful and bright little girl… a real -pleasure for us to have,
we felt so privileged to share in- her life, and she always could make us laugh.

janis4She learned to talk very quickly, and that was so thrilling for me,
To hear her trying to pronounce big words… like, lN-Cl-DEN-TALLY.

Yes! even at that very early age of two one could easily recognise,
That Janis would always be a tryer… a trait which never ever died.
But needless to say she had to grow up, losing many of her childlike ways,
yet one thing remained, and never got lost ~ her sweet mature … It never changed.

Her laughter was so very Infectious… bribing brightness into our day,
We knew exactly when she was coming, her chuckling always gave her away.


She was kindness itself and always seemed to know the needs of the people around,
Yet she never expected anything In return… not a selfish bone could be found.

Janet Warren


Janis was devoted to her children and grandchildren. When Rachel came along she ws in her element.  She loved her caravan ar Southend.


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