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Welcome a new site dedicated to the
Town and People of Shotts, Past and Present

This site is a culmination of many years interest in Genealogy and
Local History. Mainly in and around Shotts & Cambusnethan
but also into USA, Australia, Canada and so much more.

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“Know ye the land where the dark herbless whinstone
In hillocks, not hills, rears it’s desolate head?
Where poverty chains down the nose to the grindstone,
Till the heart and the soul are as heavy as lead?
Where the crops never ripen, the roses cannot blow,
And the sunshine of summer scarce melteth the snow?
‘Tis the parish of Shotts, a place which the sun,
Cannot bless with his beams; which he hates to shine on”

fingerpostSome cheerless poet of long ago wailed this dreary dirge
over the place where we were born.

And indeed ”The Shotts” has been called many hard names in its
day. Cold bleak, and damp; ugly and dreary; rough and backward; asthmatic
and bing-y. Such are the typical slanders cast at our home town; and
naturally we rebel at such libellous labels for

“Shotts with all thy faults, we love thee still!”

Away in the wilds we may be, and lacking the airs and graces of some
pretentious towns; but it is noticeable that incomers soon take to the
warm-hearted people of Shotts and to their children also; and more than
one visitor has been heard to exclaim:- “For a town of its size, Shotts has
more life and activities than most of her neighbours, burghs though they be”

John Loudon (late)
Kind permission of the late Mrs Loudon

What, then, is the history of a place which has
inspired such lively and conflicting comment?
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